SIMS Pension and Provident Fund Management

SIMS is a registered pension fund manager with the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) and is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Ghana. In line with the new Pensions Act, Act 766, it is mandatory for all institutions to setup an occupational pension scheme (Tier 2), managed by a registered pension fund manager under a licensed trustee. In addition to the Tier 2 requirement, institutions may also setup a voluntary provident fund scheme (Tier 3). Provident funds form part of staff retention packages for institutions and organisations. We are one of the top provident fund managers with mandates across Ghana. Employees/Individuals may personally contribute into a group- registered pension scheme with a Corporate Trustee.

SIMS is the largest and leading pension fund manager in Ghana. We have a dedicated pension’s unit offering both advisory and investment management services to Employer Sponsored Schemes and Master Trust Schemes registered as Tier 2 or Tier 3 schemes (provident funds).

We assist Trustees to draw up an investment policy statement which aligns investment objectives, risk profile, asset allocation, return expectations and liquidity needs.

Who should invest?

Institutional and corporate investors for their Tier 2 and Tier 3 pension schemes. Individuals may benefit from our pensions expertise by joining a registered pension scheme managed by SIMS or sign-up for a personal retirement account.

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Why let SIMS manage your pension fund?

Our people are well versed in investment management practices with unrivalled experience on the market.

Our diversified pool of investments offers competitive and sustainable returns. We match risk and return to meet and exceed client expectations.

Cutting edge technology allows us to invest real time for our clients. Audit trails, segregation of client assets from SIMS assets, in-built controls and strict adherence to the CFA Institute’s Asset Manager Code of Conduct, all provide security for our client assets

Our fees are competitive and negotiable.

Tailor-made reports to meet client needs.

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