Stanbic Income Fund Trust

The Stanbic Income Fund Trust (“SIFT” or “the Fund”) is an open-ended unit trust fund. The primary objective of the Fund is to maximize short-term income as well as long-term sustainable income and capital appreciation of its assets, through investing in a portfolio of fixed income securities including government treasury bills and notes, fixed deposits and other corporate debt securities.

Up to 70% of assets under management are invested in medium to long-term corporate and government debt securities while retaining a maximum of 40% in money market securities and a minimum of 5% in cash.

On subscription to the fund, investors are issued with the applicable number of units at the prevailing offer price. The fund is valued at the end of each business day and the new price determined. This means that the value of your units will change from day to day.

Who should invest?

SIFT caters for investors looking for income and security over a medium to long-term horizon. Clients include individuals, corporates, institutions, organizations, schools, clubs, small business associations, churches, endowment funds and community cooperatives.

Minimum Investment Amount – GHS 20
Minimum Top Up Amount – GHS 10
Exit Fees – 2% in year one, 1% in year two, no fees after year two

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Why Invest in the Stanbic Income Fund Trust?

SIFT’s weighting in fixed income assets allows for the principal amount invested to be secured with varying returns.

SIFT offers an opportunity to achieve good returns while minimizing risks from a diversified portfolio of investments that may not otherwise be available to individual investors.

SIFT provides for sustainable income from selected fixed income securities while simultaneously preserving the principal investment.

SIFT is an open–ended fund, allowing for entry and exit at any time. Investors can determine their investment horizon to meet their own personal needs.

SIFT provides easy access to investments at anytime. Redemption or withdrawal of all or part of the investment can be made at anytime. Payment is effected within 24 hours via our online portal or within three business days of receipt of redemption forms.

Investors benefit from SIMS’ professional fund management expertise.

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